How It Started

In 1967, a group of Buick owners, mostly owners of immediately post-war Buicks, got together and placed an advertisement in "The Age" newspaper (Melbourne, Australia), to attract like minded owners.

Buick parts were becoming very scarce and the remaining stocks were being monopolised by a few individuals. Their idea was to form a one-make car club with the initial purpose of providing a means by which owners could exchange knowledge and parts for their road cars, which were beginning to show their age. 


The inaugural meeting was held on Saturday, 18th of March, 1967 at the Nokomis Hall, Logie Court, Oakleigh and quite a few people attended.

Click here to view the minutes of the Inaugural Meeting.

Eleven people (eight present and three apologies) were recognised as foundation members.

Foundation Members being: Mr. NJE Garner, Mr. GW Davis, Mr. JD Balding, Mr. G Kratzer, Mr. A Couch, Mr. M Bormin, Mr. K Buchholz, Mr J Pinner, Mr.B Dean, Mr, W Carmichael and Mr. C Chandler 

Clyde Chandler was appointed chairman and it was decided to advertise again and have a further meeting at the same venue.

A subcommittee / steering committee consisting of R Carmichael, B Dean, G Davis and C Chandler was formed to draw up a constitution and rules for presentation at the next meeting. The steering committee met at Clyde Chandlers home in Camberwell, where the constitution was drafted.

The first General Meeting of "The Buick Car Club" was held at the Nokomis Hall, Logie Crt, Oakliegh on the 15th April 1967.

Click here to view the minutes of the First General Meeting.

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